Can anyone please help me. I thought I was cleaning my hard drive the other night and uninstalled some thing that I knew where unnecessary. Well I was wrong.

I had been using my NS6 with VDJ no problems what so ever. I uninstalled Itch and went to the Numark website to get the drivers for the NS6 that, I guess, install with Itch. I even re-installed VDJ le that came with my mixtrack pro to see if I could use it in the interim, and nothing.Now neither controllers will work. Only the sound cards do.

I tried re installing Itch from the Serato website and still nothing. I also tried re installing the Itch software that came with the NS6. Now I have bought Traktor Pro 2 and cannot use my NS6 with it.

I usally play for 2-4 hours a day and now I have been down for 3 days. It is eating me alive and really upsetting. Can anyone please help me with this. You can call me and walk me through it, whatever it takes .

I even did a registry repair I got off cnet and still nothing. Help please I know someone can on this fourm. Numark has given zero support thus far.