Some of the tracks suggested in the Bored On A Sunday thread.

Dark Song - Tale Of Us
Conscious Of My Conscious (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Freaks 012
Leave It To Me - Danke
Guitare D'Or (Original Mix) Jackin Wez, The Groovedoctor
Human Factor (Afrilounge Mix) Spirit Catcher
Rhodes (Original Mix) Noon
Hot Shot (Eddie Valdez Mix) Dr. Drummer
Move Me - Mood II Swing
Mr President - Original Mix Osunlade
Summariata (Pablo Bolivar Remix) SCSI-9
Pompadour (Gorge Remix) Chelonis R. Jones
You Are Love - Lovetronic
Discos Out To Ron Hardy - Richard Dinsdale
10 Things Not To Say To A DJ (Innate Soul Vox) Andre Harris
In The Mix (Original Mix) Luna City Express
I Feel Fine - Hectik Rivero
Brancaia - Paul C
It's Our Future (The Update Original) Tom Wax
Want Love (Dean Newton Remix) Hysteric Ego
Wake With The Day feat. Zaki Ibrahim - Osaze & Awaaz Freedom Remix Koyla, Zaki Ibrahim