Serato ITCH crashing.
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    Default Serato ITCH crashing.

    Im using 2 numark v7's with a 13in macbookpro running serato itch 2.0. Ever since I got my V7's, serato just crashes. I will be just doing something a simple as changing the song and the screen will just freeze and the software closes. It says there has been an error and click here to reopen. There is no telling when this happens, it seems random. The people at the guitar center had know idea how to help me. One guy there says serato only likes PC. I just dont want to go and buy a PC and run into the same problems. They also said turn off the wifi when you run serato but i still encounter the same problems. Nothing like this ever happend in traktor. Looks like i might just buy an S4 if i cant solve my problem.

    If anyone has a clue why this happening or how to fix this please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Guys.

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    i run v7 and macbook air and with 2.0 and it never crashes. and i run it with lion, which its not suppose to support.
    i have full ram (4gb), no other apps running, and all tracks are mp3. I have had it stutter on .wavs, so I have gone all mp3.
    I would unplug your v7's and restart and then try just 1 v7. if that works then it might be your ethernet between machines. if 1 doesnt work, then i would reinstall software.
    before my air, i ran it on a crappy white macbook and it also worked flawlessly.

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    The people at the guitar center had know idea how to help me. One guy there says serato only likes PC
    Obviously, they don't know what they're talking about. . .why I NEVER trust anyone at GC.

    Check your buffer size (USB Latency)

    Adjust so the audio is clear, and there is no latency in controls on your controller and software. It runs the same way for PC/Mac. Your laptop may be running optimal for the program, but you have to adjust for the communication between your controller and the software. Too much or too little, and the audio becomes affected, controls become "laggy", or the CPU is focused on what it needs to do and the added control (next song, FX, whatever the case may be) will screw it all up.

    Adjust so everything is in 'harmony' (physically and metaphorically)
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