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    Hi I've recently added CDJs to my setup and have begun burning my collection to CD. I have all my MP3's/WAV's info detailed completely in the iD3 tag. The filename are not very well organized as some have the track numbers still from when I ripped them.

    I would like to find a program that will use the Artist and Title from the iD3 tags and rename that file with that info. I am on a Mac but I do have a PC if I can't find anything for Mac.

    I'm not sure if this type of program exists. Anyone use any kind of batch file renamer? If so what do you recommend.
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    I'm on a PC, and I use Flash Renamer for that. It writes filenames with the tags in your choice of order. It was really useful when I had to rip my collection from my iPod after I lost a lot of it.

    I can't recommend anything for Mac sorry, but if you don't find anything, try out Flash Renamer on your PC.
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