Hello everybody

I'm mapping my CDJ 2000 in Traktor 2.0.3 and I'm having a little issue here.

I've mapped my sync-statement to the tempo-range button and now I would like to make the outer rim of the Jog Wheel turn RED when sync is on, and turn WHITE when sync is off.
Thus, so far I've got:

Control - I/O - Assignment - Mode - Mapped To

Beat Sync - In - Device Target - Toggle - Tempo Range
Beat Sync - Out - Device Target - Output - Jog Illumination

With the second statement (the Out-statement), does anyone know which MIDI RANGE I have to choose to make the next table work:

Sync Off = WHITE Jog Wheel
Sync On = RED Jog Wheel

Its a similar behaviour like when the CDJ 2000 is LAN-connected to a DJM 2000 or 900; when it gives an "ON-AIR" status.