Vestax VCI300 MKII vs. Traktor S4 vs Traktor S2
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    Default Vestax VCI300 MKII vs. Traktor S4 vs Traktor S2

    A couple of months back... I purchased a VCI 100 and personally, I liked it for what it did. It thought me the basics and it was a great player for what I needed during that time.

    Now, I'm ready to upgrade to a new and better player, where I can actually scratch and do a little bit more than what I had on my VCI 100.

    After scouting the market, these 3 players caught my attention and I like everything that they do. The VCI 300 is great because it can scratch and it has enough for me to do as far as effects is concern. My only issued with this player is the fact that I don't know if its a good investment on a player that might not be compatible with some of the new software that's out there and well... it's the oldest. The Traktor S2 I like too, because it's the affordable version of its big brother and less confusing. My only issue... what am I losing or sacrificing for not getting the S4 or am I downgrading if I do? And last... the Traktor S4. Now, it has all of the bells and whistles that I'm looking for, however, would it be good for scratching?

    Any help or info is appreciated at this point in order to make a decision.

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    VCI400? :eek:
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    yes wait for that to come out, looks badass
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    have you considered getting a dvs system?

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    Wait for VCI 400 SE Ean Golden Edition

    It will destroy everything in its path - especially if they crack the FW so it's HD too.

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    Don't get me wrong... Vestax and their products are by far the best in the industry. However, when it comes to their controllers doing any scratching, they're by far the fucking worst and that was the part that made me regret purchasing the VCI 100. Sure, they can add a million and trillion features for you to push buttons, but they always forget that not all of us give a shit about features and some of us would like to scratch along having those extra features (to the exception of the VCI 300 in which I to this day regret in not purchasing). IF this controller can deliver a superior scratching performance (a la 300 or better), I will purchase. But if not, I'll take my money and purchase the S4 or the S2.

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    personally I would go for the VCI-300, being that im a SSL user and my crates would work perfect in Itch.
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    If you want to use VCI-300 to its full potential, you'd most likely want to use Itch (even thought it works with Traktor too). Therefore, you first might want to ask yourself which software do you love more? Traktor or Itch? This will make your choice easier.

    I say Itch and VCI-300 all the way, but that's just me! :-P If you prefer traktor though, hands down wait for the VCI-400. Here's a brand spankin new video of the Far East Movement guy straight killin it on the VCI-300:

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    i thought of getting the VCI 300 after the spill, but the only reason I haven't gone for it's for one reason: older device equals... can it keep up with the times? New software for ITCh comes out, will it be compatible? I know Itch it's coming with it's new and upgraded version and I was wondering if the VCI 300 can keep up with the times?

    If that's the case, yes... if not, i won't go for it.

    And for the 400... I'll wait to see if the scratching is good or not.

    And GI Trackt... thanks for the video. Another of the dozen of videos that proof that if there's one controller that can scratch it's the VCI 300. Hands down the best!
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    What about the Pioneer DDJ-S1? good buy or pass for itch?

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