Would you keep a Denon MC6000 for 700 out the door?
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    Default Would you keep a Denon MC6000 for 700 out the door?

    So I have been looking for a way to expand from my x-session pro, and I wanted to do it all in one quick "rip the band-aid" off kind of way. I looked at the VMS4 and the Xone: DX and I appreciate your input with those. I was also looking at the MC6000, twitch, s4, and a couple others.

    Anyways, I took the train to Pro Audio Star and I expected to try all these out like at Guitar Center, but found nothing but a bunch of dudes and a bunch of boxes with no tryout area. Luckily all the dudes there were awesome, and they gave me a deal on an Open Box Denon MC6000.

    Before give this piece a nickname and welcome him into the family, I am wondering if anybody else has one of these and if anyone has had any problems? Particularly with the analog mixer capabilities, switching betwen midi and analog on the fly, and whether you keep bumping into controls (since they are tightly packed). I can still pack it up within 30 days and return it.
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    Nope. Guitarcenter has an Mc6k with the promo for $650 NEW

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