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    oh right, i made some small tenminmixes and i want to give em to my friends so they can check out what i been up to. The thing is, i want to keep it as simple as possible. So i guess i wanna up em on Youtube and then distribute it via my social network of friends on Facebook and other evil mind-controling corporations.
    I have never done anything like it before, so i guess i need simple aplication that can put together music and perhaps slideshow of pictures or even maybe video. oh yee, it should be free (shareware with just time limitation and no stamp, or just plain tight fan freeware).

    plz post sugestions for aplications.

    oh and small disclaimer: i guess you might be questioning why the hell does he want to use Youtube and doesn't simply stream it over as music. Well not everybody is uber l33t internetzor skillzor and imo youtube is something like industry standart and it is realy bottom line for any kind of requirements. On top of all, everybody who met media on internet knows youtube, so it won't be something new to anyone. Oh ye, and the pictures are necessary to be it worth watching/spending time with it.
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    Alternative idea is to post really good free music comunnities that offer hosting of yer mixes (not crapSpace).
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    i would suggest house-mixes.com. we use it to put up our tracks and videos, very easy to use mate, even i figured it out
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    as long as youre keepin it simple you dont need any fancy software for video+sound. just use windows movie maker or i-movie.
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    are you using mac on windoze ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaon View Post
    as long as youre keepin it simple you dont need any fancy software for video+sound. just use windows movie maker or i-movie.

    haha this is funny i used the windows movie maker and called the videomix "keep it simple"...it´s like ur able on reading my praynz
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