I now this has no benefit to you guys but i figure if something happens to anyone else then this may appear on the google search to there delight!

I recently bought a radius 1000 of ebay it was faulty with the issue the cdj lazer had gone but had midi support so i was pretty chuffed for 65 beat those cheesy cdj 101 from dj tech in maplins or whatever.

When i got it i mapped it and all was working fine i walked away for a few minutes to get a drink coming back it would'nt work.... the unit had not froze and the leds worked but just did'nt control the device no midi light.

Anyway after hundreds of tests i just could'nt get the thing to work even after speaking with american audio directly through america and europe

Frustrated with my purchase i put the thing away in its box to avoid me smashing it to smitherines in pure anger, it was only a month later i realized i had run out of usb ports for my new controllers and soundcards etc on my laptop as it only had 3 i picked this up for 3.90 on ebay.


5 belkin usb cables

When i recieved both items i figured i would hook up my whole setup for a session and decided to pull the radius 1000 out thinking "maybe if i used a better quality usb it would work" i was wrong still the same problem

What my problem was?

After 1-2minutes of not touching the controller it would just stop communicating i could just turn it off and on to work again no problem but in terms of reliability it was not great

So i hook it up just to try scratching for fun with my mpd 26, dj IO, X-session pro and hardrive all on the hub

I walk away and later come back to expecting the radius to be disconnected..... to my suprise touching the platter it worked!! it had been sitting doing nothing for close to 30 minutes and it was still connected!

I tested and tested and tested and the thing stays connected right now typing this all day its been on i have'nt been touching it every 1 minute and i have'nt had to touch it once!

Im so chuffed for 8 worth of hub and cable i have taken a 65 doorstop back to a proffesional 340 midi controller in seconds!

If your having problems with your controller like this try it! who knows it happened to me by accident and never expected it to work but it does!

(sorry for the rambling im just so happy i was going to buy a kontrol x1 inplace to control 2 track decks while the mpd controls samples and que points but now i have something i consider better and costs twice as much yet i bought it for half the price of an x1 )