online music stores?
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    Default online music stores?

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering where you guys shop your music online?
    What advantage do certain stores have?
    And what should one be looking out for?

    I purchase my tracks off Beatport mostly. Since I use play a lot of Dance & House. But there are certain tracks I'm not finding and don't know exactly where to look since I usually only shop at Beatport.

    Also, if I'd shop at iTunes Store, could I DJ with the tracks and copy them to any MP3 player or am I limited in somewhat? Cuz I heard a few times that once a track is purchased, it is only playable on one iPod and cannot be copied.



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    Please use the search the where do you buy your music question shas been asked at least three times in the last four weeks.

    As far as iTunes go you were told wrong. They used to be copy protected, but not anymore.
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