doing an RnB / hip hop / afrobeats set
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    Default doing an RnB / hip hop / afrobeats set

    Hi all

    so i've been offered a gig at the smaller club in my old uni usually i play in the main room so i can get away with playing most of the stuff i usually play such as house. the small room can hold about 150 people at the most as oppose to the main room which is over 800.

    But this smaller club usually attracts the black students and usually in there rnb hip hop and afro beats is played. personally i have lots of rnb on my laptop and hip hop but afro beats i have non can anyone suggest some artists?

    also if it was you how would you go about structuring your set?
    since most rnb stuff is quite low bpm compared to dance music its a bit of a challenge for me but its always good to learn.

    thanks for any advice

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    Insert standard reply here about "why no earth have you accepted a gig that requires you to play music you're not into?"

    check out this for some hip-hop
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