Thinking of setting up a 40/50/60s night...
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    Default Thinking of setting up a 40/50/60s night...

    So I just moved to leeds (in the UK) and quite enjoying the night life but noticed the majority of clubs only really play top 40 and music generally geared towards students.
    I've been thinking about putting on a 40/50/60s night for a while and there is a definite gap in the market here and think if I did it a fair amount of people would probably turn up with the right amount of promo.
    Just have a few questions:
    Firstly, the quality of songs recorded almost 70 years about are going to be fairly low and I don't think they'll translate through a pa system very well, so I was thinking what kind of post mixer EQ and compression I might have to apply.
    And secondly, there don't seem to be very many DJ's who would play this kind of music, and I'm more than aware I'm not going to be able to play an entire night on my tod, I don't physically have the stamina! I did meet one DJ who played this kind of music but he used gramophones which isn't going to work at all.
    Any suggestive input on this would be great!
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    I would use PSP VintageWarmer and beef up the originals. If you are using Ableton place it in the master channel. This way you also keep the tracks in the same loudness level across the night.

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