Traktor Pro Master Volume (-10db) vs Monitor Volume
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    Default Traktor Pro Master Volume (-10db) vs Monitor Volume

    Hey guys,
    I internally mix with traktor pro and midi controllers, using headphones to monitor etc.
    I noticed that when I use cue mix and it's on cue the volumes loud, then I get it back over to master and it's a lot lower (due to master being at -10db for headroom sakes.)

    It'd be nice if Cue volume was the same as master volume.
    The "Monitor Volume" knob seems to only control the headphones volume rather then balancing the Master Volume and the Cue Volume.

    So is there any way to fix this? It's fine with master on 0db but any lower and the problem occurs however I want headroom so need it to be less then 0db.


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    Default Fixed?

    Hey Diddimo,

    I just bought Kontrol S4 and Traktor Pro 2.
    I do the same way of mixing because a real monitor box would be to loud...

    Do you found any solution?

    Before S4 I used Reloop Interfaceedition 2 and Traktor Pro 1 and all works fine for me.
    So I can`t say if the cause is traktor or the controllers interface/Soundcard.
    What do you mean?


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