Audio interface with external mixer
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    Default Audio interface with external mixer

    RIght I'm confusing the heck out of myself.

    FIrstly thanks for you patience with my well simpleton questions.

    But if I'm looking to get an external mixer what would be a good audio interface to get. I'll probably be doing only 2 deck mixing, but realistically throwing a 3rd deck in would be fun. I also need to be able to record my mixes. SO would the Native Instruments audio 6 do the trick?

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    I posted and search for days when I had this same question, although I wish I had been more familiar with DJTT, as this is an excellent place to get some answers.

    I had the exact same question as you and it comes down to a few things: 1) how many outputs/ your looking to have and 2) how much money do you have.

    If you are on a budget, I'll save you time and tell you the only two you should really look at: Focusrite Saffire 6 (i own this), and M-Audio FastTrack Pro.

    I chose the focusrite because of its build quality and its probably the best sounding recording interface in its class.

    That said there are limitations to this interface that could be avoided with more money.

    I personally run a Numark m6 4-channel mixer to the focusrite saffire 6 and into Traktor. I like the 4-channel mixer because it gives me expandability. My next step is to integrate ablteon into traktor, and to set-up up two vinyl decks in conjunction with Traktor.

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    I answered on your other post. NI soundcards are custom made for djing with an external mixer.

    Regardless of audio card ins and outs if you are using an external mixer you need to record from the Rec out from your mixer. You can run phono to mini jack back to your laptop and set mix in on rec software like audacity etc
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    why did you make another thread?

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    Audio 6 would be perfect mate. You can run A, B & C through the mixer and then route the mixer back through Deck D if you dont need it.
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    If you want to have 2 decks, get any soundcard with 2 channels (or more if you want) of outputs.

    That's it.

    Once you get the soundcard, you'll have the manual so don't worry right now about how it'll connect.
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