How come my VCI-100
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    So, just a few minutes ago I was trying to map my Traktor Pro functions into my VCI-100 and I found out that when my effect parameter is set to "A", and I toggle the 4th FX button (the button closest to the right pitch fader, not the loop button), it gives the same MIDI note signal as the left effect button (the button closest to the left mid-low knob above the left cue button). They both send out the note, "Note D5 (ch1)". Whenever my effect parameter button is set to "B", the 4th FX button gives out the same MIDI note signal as the right effect button, "Note D#5 (ch1)". Is there a way to fix this or is this one of the problems of having firmware 1.2?

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    NVM i found out the problem, it is because I have firmware 1.2

    I found the answer in the forum.

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