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    Default Ableton Live beginner

    Hey guys,
    I have been mixing with traktor, and x1, an audio 4, and a stanton m.203 for awhile now. I ventured out and bought myself Ableton Live 8, Massive, FM8, and Absynth, and i want to start producing. I've played around with the stuff for about two months now, and i get to about the 2:00 mark of a song, and declare it junk. I'm not even sure if i'm using the software right. So, i'm looking for the best (free) way to lear about ableton, and a bit of massive, and the tricks with effects, just getting that main-room house sound. I have a super strong musical background, been playing piano and string instruments since i was 4, so really i just need to know how ableton's features work, and so on. If it means anything, i'm mostly avicii style music, that type of progressive house. Thanks!

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    I know exactly the feeling you have ! I would suggest you use the session view , create some clips , mess around with the effects , create some sounds you like , and then when your happy with that , go on the arrangement view and start copy-pasting your clips . Use the automation . Look at youtube , a lot of really good tutorials out there .

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    you tube is your friend lots of informed people willing to take the time to make tutorials. also great resources : future music magazine and sound-on-sound magazine.

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    Ahh, you have run into the problem of too many toys at once.

    I know the feeling, I ran into it when Kore 2 came out, and again when I bought Komplete 6. There are two main ways you can get around the problem.

    1. As another member mentioned, drop into session view and make a bunch of loops and just jam it out spontaneously while you record. This way you can get a base-line song and then go back in and clean it up.

    2. Pick one of the pieces of software and just get used to its presets first. Then you will get a fell for how it works and how to tweak it to get the sounds you really want. Once you feel comfortable with one piece of sotware move onto the next.

    If you try and tackle everything all at once you may feel overwhelmed and not really get the utilizty of each new piece of software.

    Good luck.


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