S4 w/vinyl or cdj?
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    Default S4 w/vinyl or cdj?

    Hey DJTT!
    I bought my s4 a few months back and I absolutely love it. I'm considering making the leap towards vinyl/cd control using the traktor scratch upgrade included with the s4.
    Does anybody have any suggestions/recommendations on which work better with the s4? im leaning towards vinyl but if somebody knows something against vinyl and the s4 I would love to know

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    vinyl imo.
    The cdj2000 feels really good too because its larger than most platters.
    But you could probably get a vinyl setup with 2 decks and the timecode box for a little more than one cdj2000.

    Plus you just look more legit with vinyl.

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    Default Re: S4 w/vinyl or cdj?

    I opted for vinyl. I've had cdjs before and.wanted to learn how to do it on vinyl and its the best decision i made. In my opinion having the s4 is pretty much like having cdjs so seems pointless going out and buying them. Where as getting vinyl is so much different and tbh more fun :-) and i was brought up on cdjs. In not a vinyl junkie so if anything i should be more biased towards cdjs but i ain't...

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