Want to get into Djing... help me with the basics please!
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    Default Want to get into Djing... help me with the basics please!

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    I'll break this down for you

    a)Yes mixer and decks or controllers you could do what most people do and use an analog mixer with digital controllers.

    b)Mixer and decks is going to be expensive, heavy and limiting if you don't scratch or get some good CDJs, remeber if you get turntables your going to have to find all those nice tracks on vinyl same with CD

    c)Controllers are not easier just because you may press sync does'nt mean your not a DJ this is what all turntable nuts will tell you just gives you time to focus on other elements of your performance.

    2) Its up to you on your choice of equipment some people go controller and move on to CDJs theres nothing wrong with either some people go from turntables to controllers.

    This is what your going to need:
    Software (Traktor,Ableton)
    External Soundcard

    3) Anythingn really... i can't name you a bad controller you get what you pay for buy something cheap its going to be built cheap something from DJ tech is not going to be anywhere near a A&H or Pioneer controller.

    A&H make really fantastic products and the DX is a great start i would say go for it

    Comes with an audio interface so you don't need a soundcard and allows you to use serato itch so its a win win just hook it up to you laptop and plug your headphones in

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    Quote Originally Posted by handiman115 View Post
    sorry if this is any sort of repeat
    have a trawl through some of these:
    DJTT Nu Disco Mix Train Vol 1
    beats and balearic bobs in north-west london
    iTunes podcast

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