A New Model of Music Distribution! Need Feedback.
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    Default A New Model of Music Distribution! Need Feedback.

    We are a team of entrepreneurs at 3DS Austin. We are developing a crowd-sourced music publishing platform. Artists log in to the portal and upload music stems (i.e., tracks, lyrics, vocals) for community use. Anyone in the community can then use the uploaded content in their own arrangements. If the song or album sells, everyone involved receives a portion of the proceeds.

    We need feedback on our idea please! Anything is appreciated.

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    Sounds nice, don't think its gonna get big. Big artists think they deserve big amounts of moneys

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    I think Novodo's idea is meant more for the unknown artists. But, it would be cool, if say a popular artist throws in stuff they never used, so others could have fun with it.

    The only thing I can see being an issue are the rights to who gets what when a track becomes popular and does even make money. Who would be guaranteed what and how?

    Another issue is, good music making, AFAIK, is a totally collaborative process. You could possibly take the lyrics from one person, the song from another and try to put them together with stems from a third. I can't imagine they would work in one attempt, so those people have to come together in some way and work together so it becomes a working song. Then you need someone to actually play the music well (if it isn't EDM) and a singer to sing the lyrics and after that you need a sound engineer who mixes the track, so it sounds great.

    So I tend to think your goal should be to somehow give people the ability to collaborate over boarders on music, so they can start projects together, make clear and agreed values on participation and rewards and also the means to publish those works cheaply.

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