Improving my mixing
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    Default Improving my mixing

    Hey all

    I've been DJ'ing now for nearly a year and while in that year I have learned beatmatching, my mixes are what I would consider, boring!

    I need to learn a few more techniques, I usually just drop the bass on the incoming song and mix outro-intro, very very boring, I know!

    Now, I have watched many videos on beats, bars and phrases. I mainly mix house music, sometimes progressive.

    So correct me if I'm wrong, A bar is 4 beats, 8 bars is a Phrase in house music? or is it 4 bars? I've heard different explanations on the internet, can someone clear this up?

    So how do u guys improve your mixing? I don't use too many effects, mainly cause I don't have a clue how to use them correctly!

    Also regarding EQ's, I only use the bass, when/why should I use the mid and top?

    As I said I've been bedroom DJ'in for almost a yr and I don't seem to be improving, so I've came here to look advice and direction really. I watch many many videos online, still no real improvement, and I'm at the point where If I don't get any better I might just pack it in you know?

    Equipment I'm using: 2 cdj 1000s, djm 800, TSP2.

    many many thanks

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    watch the pro's mix on youtube....
    look up "DJsounds"

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    practice more. post threads less.

    that's how.

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    Think what you think what sounds cool, then try to find out how. There is no 'should' in DJ'ing (well, that is not entirely true, but you get the point i hope :P), be creative, look at how pro's mix, what you like about that, how would you do that etc

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    Think about whether you really want this track to break down. Not all break downs are great and kill the vibe that you are building. If the answer is no find the point to start the intro of the new track to where the drop hits as the breakdown starts, then figure out if you want it to double drop or fade out at the end of the breakdown.

    Something I've been fond of is running the track that I don't want to break down and take 8 to 16 beats before the breakdown and syncing it to another deck then let it play thru the breakdown, you get the steady flow, and the goodness of the breakdown playing over each other so that the energy doesn't fade.

    Deciding on breakdowns to let play or manipulate one way or another should start to break the habit of in and out mixing by getting you doing things in the middle of a track.

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    also, find a mix you really like on youtube... something technical

    and then learn how to recreate it.

    then apply to your mixes. rinse and repeat.
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    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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