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    hey peeps
    ive got a large gig , for me anyway ( 1000-1500 people) coming up and need to create a spooky theme for you guessed it, halloween.

    what are some of youre favorite scary songs or segues? It is a family event btw.
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    Oh yea, forgot to mention that these are both free downloads from the artists:

    Albin Myers - Halloween (Original Mix)

    Figure - This Is Halloween

    Figure - Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)
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    if you went back a page or two in this forum, youd see that theres a whole thread about halloween tracks

    not to mention, you should also look in the BIG THREAD OF RECOMMENDED MUSIC (which is directly above) has the link to the afformentioned thread in the first post

    if you searched for "halloween" youd see that it also pops up.

    sorry, it just kinda grinds my gears that its only like a page or so back. but, there are a TON of awesome tracks in there.
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    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    sorry brah didnt mean to grind yer gears it just makes me feel important to have mah own threadz. jk thanks for the advice
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