I mixed some bangin techno tunes with some cool photos I found on flickr. I hope you like the results.

Black and White:


Track List:

1. Popsicle Meltdown by Stuart Bridges
2. The Bulge by Lee Nova
3. Players by Anton Pieete
4. Its Time by Rick Pier ONeil
5. Trauma by Andrew Winter
6. Jail Signal by Marco Bailey, Tom Hades



Track List:

1. Cortosis by Brian Sanhaji (Chris Liebing Remix)
2. Counting Down by Da Drums
3. Mans Rajah by Daniel Half (Joseph Maesano Remix)
4. Lucky Drawls by Matt Nordstrom
5. Offline by A. Paul
6. Strange Occurrences by V1NZ



Track List:

1. Counter Clock 319 by Josh Wink (Chris Liebing Edit)
2. EDLX Tool by Speedy J (Chris Liebing Edit)
3. Mass Hypnosis by Remute
4. Soundshield by BCR Boys
5. BBSC Schwartz C by Tommi Bass



Track List:

1. Trip Airlines by Pledo Cult
2. White Noiz by Spiros Kaloumenos (A. Paul Remix)
3. Mondo by A. Paul
4. Ping Pong by Kevin Call a.k.a. DJ Nojz
5. Ill Tempered by Shudder Sounds
6. Thirty by Steve Stoll



Track List:

1. Mikro Club Mix by Guy J
2. Wake Turbulence by Koen Groeneveld
3. Muscimol by Bjoern Scheurmann (Joachim Spieth Remix)
4. Burn by Function
5. Dios by Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire

More details including full photo accreditation list available at my website, http://www.djmicromix.com