Help on Elecronic Music Production
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    i just joined this site,and i am from india, the more i go through itz really intresting,now my prob is i been djing for quite some time with traktor as well analog, and i stopped for an year&half back,I am working as a mixing enginner,i basically a audio enginner but my aim is to achive hights of trance production,i been working in pro tools for long time,i now in love with Abelton,i need to do setz with ableton and axiom, and also i need help on production,i mean Electrnonic music production,i have Axiom 61,Pro Fire 610 and Mac Book Pro.i don't know hw to pplay key board or any......plz replay whatever i get informtion on this.

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    You have worked with ProTools, you have Ableton. Well, that's most of what you need right there. The rest is just piecing together sounds and building tracks.

    Run through some of the tutorials that come with Ableton Live. They will give you the basic parts of making MIDI loops that trigger software synths., sequencing loops into patterns, applying effects and modulating the results.

    Strictly, you don't need a music keyboard to make trance, it just makes jamming a little easier.

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    For audio production sign up on the KVR Audio forums here,

    They have alot on there from in depth music theory to getting certain sounds from synths. "Computer music" magazine also have tutorials and stuff to help you get the idea

    Youtube can also be really good as well, and not so good at the same time.
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