Why are there no colored waveforms in TPRO
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    Default Why are there no colored waveforms in TPRO

    I know people aren't the devs around here, but it seems like it would be a pretty simple bit of code. Any knowledge on this?

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    Yes, the addressed it on the NI forums, but I don't remember the exact reason.

    Edit: Here's the link: http://www.native-instruments.com/fo...79&postcount=9

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias G @ NI
    Quote Originally Posted by Cedric D
    In T3 it was possible to change the waveformtheme, that's gone in TP. So, would it be possible to select one color for each frequenz. Maybe one for bass, one for hihat and one for the background.
    In my opinion, due the update, it became more difficult to separate visually, which are deep frequencies and which are highs.
    For the deck elements in Traktor Pro we decided to go with a specific tone of yellow that gives the best readability in low-light conditions, it’s the color that came out as the best in our usability tests. You can still switch the waveform display between three visualization styles – Beats & Highs, Beats & Envelopes and Beats Only - under “Global View Options” in the Preferences.
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