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    Hey guys i finally got all my equipment in and am doing my first party this saturday. I have been searching the forum but am still trying to decide on what songs to open my set.

    I wanted some halloween type stuff, but my only problem is my audience isnt much into dubstep or anything like that and everything i found is mixed like that. Mainly a hip/hop type crowd but i do plan on mixing n dub-step/house/ etc in between. I also dont plan on just getting up there and blasting some hardcore dance songs and stuff to open my set.

    So what songs are you guys that are djing this weekend for halloween planning on starting out with? Or just anybody in general what would you start with, just like the first 4 or 5 songs i can cover the rest i just need somewhere to start

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    Thanks for the song. Im finding most "halloween" songs seem to be from the 80's besides the newer remixed dubstep stuff.

    I have a decent set so far about 30 songs right now, but with this being my first venture into electronic and dubstep, etc. im finding all kind of sites to listen to stuff and see what catches my ear. I appreciate the help though

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    There's tons of dark hip-hop which would fit in perfectly at a Halloween themed party.


    (Actually, that entire Brotha Lynch Hung album should really fit)



    And of course some good old Cypress Hill stuff. Pretty much all of the tracks on Temples of Boom have that dark halloween-ey vibe. (German youtube doesn't let me access those, so no video-links from me, look it up )
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