Allen & Heath XD-20 In Ears for casual listening...anybody have these?
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    Default Allen & Heath XD-20 In Ears for casual listening...anybody have these?

    They are $100. Been contemplating these for a while. Has anyone actually tried these? They're supposedly "optimized" for electronic music. They came out 7 months ago but I haven't heard any chatter at all about them and there's not much on the net either.

    Here's skratchworx when they came out:

    Here's the official youtube:

    And that's about all you can find on the internet on these haha. Anybody tried these?

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    didn't even know those existed. I'm sure they would be good for listening, I know my xd-53s are.

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    I'd love to hear a pair, but $100 is too much IMHO. My Etymotic ER-6s were my favorite to spin with back before they died. But at $100, with no ability to preview them, and with no returns (i presume), I kinda feel like I might as well go ahead and get Shure SE215s or something else with a really good reputation instead of an unknown.

    If anybody knows of anywhere to get them that will accept returns…that might be a valid option too…but that might creep me out, despite the fact that I'd make custom molds on day 1 anyway.

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    I will never buy another allen and heath pair of headphones, I have the XD 53s and they were pretty much blown to shit in less than 4 months of what I consider pretty light use (no clubs, just my headphones for home djing)
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    I have a pair of these. I think they are awesome! Very nice sound quality and no distortion at high volume (well, in-ear headphones aren't supposed to be set to high volumes). I actually use them for mixing at the moment and I'm very happy with them. They're noise- canceling and actually pretty comfortable if you're using the right size ear plug that is.

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