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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash101uk View Post
    Yeah, I tried media fire. The limit is 300mb. But I think it we re-encode it to a vbr mp3 it'll compress it down under that mark.
    Just checked and megaupload's file size limit is 1GB so if you want it can be uploaded there. If you wanna sign up for an account (pretty sure you can do free ones) it won't be deleted 'til 90 days after it was last DL'd. Either that or someone could host it on their Dropbox and we can just have the private link to that specific file up. Better than giving people a vbr instead of 320 imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
    All these subgenre's are like the grandchildren of disco with dubstep and D&B being the bad kids that smoke cigarettes and are in and out of jail.

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    its up!



    Loxy & Mortem - Epilogue - Absys Records
    Razorpoint - Elevated - Absys Records
    Naibu - Back Engineering - Avalanche Recordings
    Radicall - Lunar Sea - Absys Records
    Little Jinder - Without You (Seba Remix) - Trouble and Bass
    Velocity - Shadow Roll - Human Elements
    Majestics Feat. Meta - Traffic - Digital Colours Recordings
    Alexus - My Freedom (Nookie Remix) - Phuzion Digital

    Hydro, Naibu and Spinline - Roller X (Original Mix) [Fokuz Recordings] 28:07
    Paul SG & Blue Motion - Cape Hope [Unsigned] 32:35
    Blue Motion & Grimm - Where Have You Been (Original Mix) [Influenza Media] 36:50
    soulTec - Devil In The Detail 41:50 [Liquid Drumz]
    Cyantific - Get Into It (Original Mix) [RAM Records]


    ---illstep.com--- 49:50 till 1:11:50
    Soundclash - All Night Long (Original Mix) 51:00
    Calibre - Loves Too Tight To Mention (Original Mix)
    Loz Contreras - Sarajevo (Hosta Remix)
    Komatic - Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix)
    Enei - Atlantis (Original Mix)
    Lenzman - Broken Dreams (Original Mix)
    Drumsound, Simon & Bassline Smith - Steal My Heart (Original Mix)
    Emalkay - The World ft. Lena Cullen (Teebee Remix)
    Netsky - I Refuse (Shock One Remix)
    Camo & Krooked - Tonight (Original Mix)
    B-Complex - Beautiful Lies (Original Mix)
    Breakage - Fighting Fire ft. Jess Mills (Loadstar Remix)

    ---Howitzer--- 1:12 - 1:32
    Hot Love Break
    No Fear Enei
    Set It Off (Icicle Remix) Friction & K Tee
    Mob Justice Foreign Concept
    Splitface Amoss
    Spectacle Cursa
    Falling Down ST Files
    Voyager 2 Heavy1
    Twisted Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver
    Ultra Clean Icicle & Commix
    Micro Organism Phace & Noisia

    --Deinfamous-- 1:32 - 1:52

    Phetsta - Disco Dog
    Teebee & Calyx - Don't Look Down
    Spectrasoul - Organizer
    Basher - Androids
    Jubei & Tyrone - Tremor
    Trace n Rymetype - Payback
    Original Sin - Monster
    Asides feat MC Fats - Temperatures Rising
    Cyantific - 88mph
    Dj Nut Nut - Special Dedication (Sigma rmx)

    --Citizen Insane--

    Surface - S.P.Y & Kasra [Critical]
    It Ain't The Weather - Seba [Commercial Suicide]
    Cruella - Mr. Foul [DSCI4]
    Ghetto Funk - Resound [/]
    Contortion - Xtrah [Subtitles]
    Cheifdom - J. Robinson [Renegade Hardware]
    Militant Dub - The Untouchables & Mental Forces [Renegade Hardware]
    Black Velvet - Morphy [Voodoo]
    Weatherman - Digital [Exit]
    Blackhole Dub - Calibre [Signature]
    Shackles - Morphy [Voodoo]
    Ecler NUO 3.0, 2 1210mk2, midi fighter, Kontrol X1, Akai LPD8, Reloop RHP10's, TSP, Audio 8

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    wee! i'm gonna have a great time going jogging with this on my headphones!

    also excited to hear howitzer mixing after me. loved his last "adrenaline" mix!

    edit: listened to my part. must say i'm pretty happy with it for a on the fly mix with no preplanning whatsoever. excited to hear yours. sound quality is very fine to me!
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