*HELP* SD card reader is SERIOUSLY messed up.
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    Default *HELP* SD card reader is SERIOUSLY messed up.

    I spent all night trying to optimize my computer, and reluctantly updated (or so I thought), my SD card reader driver so I can use Windows Readyboost. Problem is, I think I chose the wrong driver. I used the one from the Manufacturers website, assuming they had the most updated driver. After the installation, I popped in the SD card to try ready boost, and I didn't have that option anymore.

    In fact, windows tells me that the card is full, except it isn't. When you open the card, the only file IS readyboost itself...But of course, when you double click it, it doesn't work.

    I put the card into my wife's computer and the card is obviously not full...In fact, it's empty.

    I re-installed what I think was the latest driver, but that didn't work.

    Can anyone help out?

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    don't use readyboost. it does nothing for performance unless your hard drive is extremely slow.

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    Readyboost never improved my PCs performance. In fact it introduced unacceptable DPC latency into the system causing dropouts until I took the card out of the computer.
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