Single Deck Set-up
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    Default Single Deck Set-up

    I have one Pioneer CDJ - 1000MK3 deck and a DJM-300S mixer.
    There arent any effects on the mixer, and I cant really afford any other pieces of equipment. Could i run my laptop output into channel 2 of the mixer and the deck into channel 1 and try to mix it that way, and run the effects off the laptop? Or is there a better way?

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    Default Single Deck Set-up

    Im not really looking to do any gigs just yet... I dont have speakers either. Can i run my outputs to the laptop?

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    You can run the laptop output to the mixer and if you're using DJ software with FX use them on that channel as long as you're playing the song in the software and not through iTunes or something like that. As far as that goes you can get pretty crazy with just a plain keyboard mapping and nothing else. I present exhibit one: Earl and his Pandaboard.
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    thats great. thanks a lot photojojo
    And yes im using VirtualDj on the laptop. I'll map out my keyboard and see what i can do

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