OK, here's what happened:

1. Used Ableton the otherday and somehow my entire music folder was moved to the Ableton folder

2. Opened this weird looking folder in the above pic, and to my relief, found all my music just fine. HOWEVER! i could not move my music to the original location where i had it prior to using Ableton that day. copy and paste, drag and drop, simply WAS NOT allowed.

3. i then opened Ableton and attempted to move the music folder from WITHIN the program and that's where everything went bad

Is my music still on my PC? i've searched and have found nothing. i've rebuilt the index on the C Drive and have still found nothing. i simply CANNOT find my music folder!!

why and HOW in the world is this happening?!

any insight on a resolution to this problem is greatly appreciated!!


- KeizerSoze313