Traktor 2/Windows 7 Issues
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    Default Traktor 2/Windows 7 Issues

    So I just upgraded from Vista to windows 7, as well as Traktor 1.2.4 to Traktor 2. I had also recently upgraded from crappy USB soundcard to a nice FiiO DAC. In traktor 1.2.4 I used ASIO4ALL to have the soundcard as master output and by laptop card as monitor - worked just fine. Now, the same sort of setup does not work at all. When I select ASIO4ALL as the output device and set up the master and monitoring outputs, nothing will happen. No sound, no response from Traktor controls at all - just like when there is no output device selected.

    I'm going to reinstall Traktor 1.2.4 tonight, as well as experiment with variables in ASIO4ALL and try my old soundcard instead but I really don't know what gives..

    Anyone else run into/heard of this problem at all? I wouldn't have minded getting an Audio 2 but the FiiO DAC/headphone amp is great and I wouldn't want to have to eat the cost of it.

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    Is the fiio asio4all compatible? Cant really think of anything that would cause it, other than not being compatible. Are you using 2 soundcards to get master/monitor still?

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    Check that your soundcard hasn't been set to the default sound device for windows, if it is, set it to something else.

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