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    This is a 2 part question, when you are doing a live set how many already remixed songs will you play compared to original untouched songs. And #2, how much of each song will you play, about 2 mins?

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    I dont really know, i spin both, well i take the best one between the remix and the original.

    But sometimes what i like to do is to go from the one to the other and maybe come back at the first one etc, messing around with both.

    For example, juggling between :
    Lucky Date - Ho's and Disco's (Original mix)
    Lucky Date - Ho's and Disco's (Zedd remix)
    Lucky Date - Ho's and Disco's (Space Laces remix)

    I don't know if it's your taste and if you've ever listened to theses tracks, but as they share the same melodic break, you can really have some fun for like 7-8 mins, constantly switching from one to another

    Well, i tend to let the song play for a long time. Technically that pretty sucks, because you don't spin as much tracks as you could have.
    But i think that having 2 drops is awesome, because when people have never heard the track you play before, the first drop puts them in the mood of the track, and then the 2nd drop, usually even more crazy than the 1st, makes them go insane.
    And that's how i like mixes, when they're like a rollercoaster, up down up down up down (drop break drop break etc.)

    But how much time you let the track play depends on the genre, your taste, your own style, if the audience knows the track or not (maybe they will get in the mood at the first kick, and then letting it drop twice may not be "necessary").

    I don't know what your setup is made of, but for example with my style consisting in letting the tracks play for like 3/3:30 mins, i'm planning to add a 3rd deck to my setup so that i can enhance the tension during build ups, add accapellas or simply add something else, but keeping the "slow mixing" between the 2 main decks

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    a crowd always likes a track they can recognise mostly. Be that a Current hit (last year or two) or a vocal or breakdown of a track way back from any decade really.

    Myself It depends what i'm playing i guess. If it's a classics set then of course your going to just get one after another headliners. But if i was to do a radio set i would always try to bring in new and unreleased tracks. In house mixes and then you can really shorten your mixes , I find.

    If i was going to do a big gay camp mardi gras set i might just try a almost mega mix style (if i was brave) but generally i go with a mix of my all time favourites in a genre combined with a few new cheeky ones I think whats hot. To gauge whats true i guess. Even though I love music for me. I still try to see what everyone else likes too.

    A genre i've mixed for years like old classic house and original 90's Hard house I can mix in and out as i choose to pretty much. But something like deep techno or minimal I have to let tunes progress their selves. just layering samples rather than tracks them selves.

    each genre seems to have a "sweet spot" where producers of that genre seem to work together based on musical arrangement to get tracks to fit together comfortably be it 40secs or 3:30mins out of most tracks of whatever genre i've found
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