Dunno If anyone uses them here but while in the hunt for a worthy day to day replacement for my aging Sony MDR-V6's (which are pretty hard to come by here) ....

I came across a hellofalot of people on forums talking about this unknown (unknown to me anyhow) taiwanese company who does apparently phenomenal headphones! ... perhaps they do have the most horrible name around but who cares once they sound good right

The HD661's would be the ones I reckon for me, at around $50 (30 quid in UK), and apparently are a 7506/V6 killer :-O, with alot of comparisons to $200 phones.

They seem to be turning into the T-Amp of headphones, cheap, love or hate or mod to pieces :P

Anyhoo's they might be worth checking if you are on a budget or just want to try something a lil' different, lots of info, reviews and tests online... hopefully i'll pick up a pair soon and do a write up, just need to wait till the dealer gets the colors in .. i want white dammit!