Useing Maschine with S4 and X1
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    Default Useing Maschine with S4 and X1


    I am currently useing a X1 and S4 Mapping setup so i can use my x1 as an exstra effects and Hot cue controller alongside my S4.

    I have jsut been haveing a lookaround at christmas presents and noticed the new Maschine Mikro. I like the idea of adding my own beats to track's live while i am dj'ing aswell as useing it to take sample's from any tracks I am mixing and use that sample on a pad.

    Is there any way of doing this or would i just run the programs side by side with no mappings , is that possible.

    I am rather new to the mapping so I have been useing other people's which has sometime eFF'ed everything up for me.

    Cheers for the input


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    I can't help you, sorry, but I'm interested in the same thing, so I'll be following this topic
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    You would route the audio from the Maschine software to Traktor. Here's a walkthrough from Traktor Bible. I'm not sure if all of this still applies with recent updates though.

    As a plus you can switch the Maschine to midi mode and have a mapping for Traktor at the same time.
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