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    Whats up guys,

    Long time reader, but timer poster.
    Just wanted to share my first set. Feedback is always appreciated.


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    Nice mix with some good blends. Nice selection of old and new and it's good that you've mixed some underground tracks with more commercial sounds (nice to play in the car). What equipment you using? And can you provide a tracklist?

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    I am using a traktor kontrol s4.

    Track list:
    Not Paid Enough - Colldcut
    Online - Gnarls Barkley
    Freeze - K-Os
    Make Sure - Lupe Fiasco
    Can You Let Me Know - Lupe Fiasco
    My Telephone - Coldcut
    Neutroniks - K-Os
    Man I Used To Be - K-Os
    4 3 2 1 - K-Os
    Hip Hop Saved My Life - Lupe Fiasco
    The Instrumental - Lupe Fiasco
    CatDieseL - K-Os
    True Skool - Coldcut
    Walk This Way - Run DMC & Aerosmith
    Jump Around - House of Pain
    Electrik Heat - K-Os
    Surviving the Time - Nas
    Mean & Vicious - Lupe Fiasco
    Mathematics - Mos Def
    Travellin' Man - Mos Def
    Still Got it - Classified
    Pop Pop - Lupe Fiasco
    New Marker - Tupac
    Same Song - Digital Underground
    They Reminisce Over You - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    FNF Goin' Up - Lupe Fiasco
    Rhythm - A Tribe Called Quest
    Holy Cow - K-Os
    Definition - Blackstar
    Hip Hop Hooray - Naughty By Nature
    Anna Karina - Blue Scholars

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