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Wouldn't it be better that there isn't any "massive cunt" experiences? Don't try and defend the douchebags Karlos, its well known that the US NI support guys are more useless than tits on a bull.
It would be silly to assume that Support departments never get things wrong.
Im just adding some balance. Ive been involved in enough horrendous Support issues when users have contacted me to push their tickets.
I just add some balance. I dont defend NI when they get it wrong.

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Well, to be honest. I've had a support request up at NI since a week ago, haven't heard anything. Decided to send you a PM as well explaining the problem Karlos. Didn't get anything back.

The Maschine i've had for over a week nog is collecting dust as just can't play with it without proper registration :/
If you have contacted me and I didnt reply then i need to look through my inbox. If i did reply then i will have escalated the ticket.
Im not sure of your NI username.