NIO 2 4 Output Traktor v3 setup problem
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    Default NIO 2 4 Output Traktor v3 setup problem

    I have output 1 and 2 on the card going in to one mixer channel, and 3 and 4 going to the other. In the external mixer setup of Traktor, the only options that I can assign a deck to is NIO 1 and NIO 2. I can't assign either to more than one slot, and each deck has a left(mono) and right assignment. I got sound coming in mono to the left channel, it sounded pretty crappy, but I really need help getting it set up as 2 stereo channels out. It seems like I should be seeing 2 more output options (3 and 4) to assign to the decks. The switch on the nio is set to A for channel 1 and B for channel 2. Thanks for help!

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    I use that soundcard too. If you check your audio preferences and change the audio setup from nio 2/2 to Novation ASIO driver, this should give you the 4 outputs your looking for. You can download the latest driver from Novation's website if you don't already have it.

    Hope this helps!

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