Hey guys

I've been playing around with pop-ish songs and heavy industrial tracks.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think

::wumpscut:: vs The Spice Girls - Wreath of Living Forever (Raised from the Dead by DJ_DvlsAdvct)
Bicoastal Disorder vs My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - The Velvet Ghost Bed (Reminded of the Torture by DJ_DvlsAdvct)
Feindflug vs Garbage - Air Raid for their Cherry Lips (Bombed My Reality by DJ_DvlsAdvct)
Ophidian & Ruffneck vs The Shop Boyz - Party Like a Noisemaker (Steel Toe Moshpit Mashup by DJ_DvlsAdvct)
Suicide Commando vs Biz Markee - Friends Breed Suicide (The Mainstream Lies by DJ_DvlsAdvct)
This Morn Omina vs Goldfrapp - The One eYed Man is Beautiful (Fucked for your Pleasure by DJ_DvlsAdvct)

Let me know what you guys think. All tracks but the Goldfrapp/This Morn Omina were made in Traktor 3 with cue juggling. Goldfrapp and This Morn Omina was made only on Traktor Scratch. :-)