where do you buy your mp3s?
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    Default where do you buy your mp3s?

    I'm looking for good DNB, tribal house, house and of course the top 40 music for wedding gigs. Is emusic any good? I have yet to see a cheaper mp3 store.

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    Shop around man, but i use beatport and djdownload personally for gig tracks. If one doesn't have what you want try another. there's lots out there. bit expensive for myself atm with the exchange rate and all but i'd rather use a HQ copy than a shit pirated version
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    I use eMusic. It's not bad. The organization doesn't always make sense, but with a little digging you can get some good recommendations from them.

    Amazon.com, also
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    www.stompy.com for house music.

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