there's no school like... (house mix deep chicago detroit acid)
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    Default there's no school like... (house mix deep chicago detroit acid)

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    I listened to your mix while eating breakfast and drinking tea with my working GF on the couch. We listened on the Bose speakers downstairs. Here's my feedback.

    - I liked your track selection. For an unplanned mix things fit together well melodically. I am also a fan of some of the artists (Omar S, Legowelt) which probably helps. I am likely to put this mix in the "keepers" directory because it was funky and had good music and good mixing but isn't so vocal or etc that you can't work (or cook, or etc.) while listening to it. Also a nice progression of energy levels over the course of the mix, especially for an unplanned mix.

    - Thanks for the embed, tracklisting and download link! Gold star!

    - Levels were good and phasing was spot on. Phrasing was also quite good, didn't hear any errors and heard a couple of mixes where the blend was real deep and fooonkay. My GF sung along with the hook on the Omar S R&B Jam... I did some couch dancing to the jamming mix-out from that track..

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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