Honk! If You Like It Raw! Mixtape! (banging stuff)
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    Default Honk! If You Like It Raw! Mixtape! (banging stuff)

    Former named "Are You A Gutterslut? mixtape".. But as we changed the name shortly after, link/stream havn't been working in our forumpost. Just discovered. Therefore, here you go again!

    01.Gamal Kabar - Bucca (rEJEKS remix)
    02.Aeropplane - My Enemy (Green Velvet "love my enemy" remix)
    03.Boddika - Warehouse
    04.A1 Bassline - Lumps
    05.Les Gillettes - Carl Lewis (Screendeath remix)
    06.Acid Jacks - Gangster Script (Suddenly Bananas)
    07.Blende - Egypto
    08.Strip Steve & Das Glow - Snake Abs
    09.Andy George & Jaymo - Tension
    10.Felix Luker - Saw
    11.Disco Of Doom - Space 2.0
    12.Hey Today - Minor (Black Strobe remix)
    13.Djedjotronic - Tetris
    14.Mumbai Science - Lotus
    15.Attaque - Light Falls
    16.ZZT - Zzafrica (Julio Bashmore remix)

    Take notice, that it's a least 5 months old.

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    I listened to your mix two or three times over the last few days. All times, I was driving around running errands, listening on my phone + subsonic, either with headphones on or played via the car system. I listened to this mix because your other "Honk!" mix was pretty good but the vocals annoyed me. You suggested this one. Here's my feedback.

    - The mix is a little weird in length. 38 minutes? I wanted either more or less, but 38 minutes seemed weird. FWIW.

    - Thanks for the tracklist, download link, proper soundcloud embed.

    - I liked these tracks more than the other mix, even though there was the occasional (inoffensive) vocal track. I thought the "competing for the united states in the 500 meters" track was.. really weird.. and not party? But the track selection and progression was good. Lots of tracks in 38 minutes, and pretty smooth regardless. I could have used a bit more variation in terms of tracks, was pretty high energy straight bangers all the way through.

    - Transitions, levels and phasing were good. I heard a few awkward phrasing moments, which stood out due to their relatively rarity. When you're well in the groove and then a phrasing thing happens it can be pretty jarring. Of course, I'm a DJ listener, heh.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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