Hey, am I a bit late on this!? Hahaha, I keep intending to post my Halloween set on the forum but I never got around to it. Mainly because I always think to do it while I'm at work but then I tell myself to wait til I get home so I can post a track list alongside it... then I get home and continue work on a forthcoming set only to throw the Halloween set posting on the back burner. Well, here I am at work again thinking of posting it, but I am naturally without a tracklist and I'm finally saying f*ck it, let's do it. So here is my Halloween set sans track list. I will come back and update it one of these days when I find a lull in my life.

I'm pretty happy with this set. As usual, this is a live set, unedited and unaltered. A bit more dubstep in throughout because it certainly gives that spooky sense a bit more so than other genres. That said, you'll still find yourself exploring house, dubstep, drum and bass, as well as some pop remixes within this hour. Have fun and please give me some feedback... and get off your ass and dance... this isn't Kenny G.

Raise hell this weekend,