Help - working with recovered .flac & .wav files
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    Default Help - working with recovered .flac & .wav files


    I had a major mess up tonight on my mac. I deleted a folder of .flac files that I had created from wav's and had downloaded from Juno. I also of course deleted the folder containing the wav's. I could have cried.

    I was between backups and so have lost some of the files.
    Anyway - I managed to recover a bunch of .wav and .flac files using a program called disk drill.

    I'm now left with a bunch of flacs/wavs that are called 12345.flac 45678.wav etc - you get the idea.

    These are a combination of re-edits and tracks from Soundcloud and stuff I've bought from Juno/beatport.

    I can see the tracks I got from juno/Beatport and maybe match them to the tracks for file naming.

    Any Ideas for the others? Obviously soundhound and the like id stuff - Which I'll try. But as they are re-edits etc I'm probably on to plums.

    Any ideas I'm happy to try.


    BTW -I'm about to NOW go on a major, major backup regime...

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    If they're all from Juno email them, This happened to me a while ago with 90% beatport tracks and i got most of them back.

    Pretty sure Juno's customer service is pretty good too
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