Beatgridding a beatless track?
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    Default Beatgridding a beatless track?

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a ton of trouble trying to correctly grid a track I bought from Beatport. I know it is at 125bpm (that's what it says on Beatport), but I'm unable to get it gridded tightly!!!

    The track is: Mirko Loko - Love Harmonic (Beatless version)

    Any tips?

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    this one guy posted a vid once that might help
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    cant you just tap it out?

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    I can get it close when I use the tick but it's just not perfect enough and it's driving me nuts. I'll check the video shortly.

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    What might help is to find one part that is noticeably a beat. You can insert a grid marker at that point and assign the bpm to be 125. It doesn't matter that the grid marker is not at the start of the song. It'll be just as good in any other part of the song as long as it's on-beat.
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    i just saw a good tutorial on warping tracks in ableton for use in traktor.
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    Pretty sure ean did a tutorial on this as well. If you know how to warp then it is pretty much the same thing with beat you set up certain parts of the song to be at different tempos, i think.

    Can't remember the name of the blog post but if you search beatgridding in the blog you should be able to find it, otherwise you could quantize it with ableton but it won't sound as natural and alot of people are familar with beatles songs...

    Try to find the method where you only use grid markers in traktor

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