vci100 - deathproof!
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    Default vci100 - deathproof!

    wow, so i just thought id share this with you all.
    the otherday i had my vci100 ontop of one of my speakers while i was spinning some vinyl. I guess i was too into it and failed to notice the bass slowly inching my unit off the speaker, only to land flat on the usb cable while it was plugged in.

    my heart dropped.

    the jack was a bit bent but after taking it apart and bending it back into place, it was like nothing ever happened!

    and for this i am so thankful i hope this makes anyone with a vci100 feel better than they already do for owning a SOLID piece of gear.

    big ups vestax and thanks to dj techtools for that video that showed me how take the darn thing apart!

    any other horror stories?
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    Ive dropped mine on multiple occasions haha, still running strong even if my pitchfaders are a little bent lolz.

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    the vci-100 is build like a tank, I have drop the vci, but it was in a flight case
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