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    I've been mixing for a couple months, initially with just VDJ and a crap laptop, but nowadays I have a denon dn-mc6000 that I love. Myself and my roommate have played a few parties, but in general for people who honestly probably couldn't differentiate mediocre from awesome. We've been asked to dj a different kind of gathering soon, so I'm trying to put a little effort into actual prep and put on a show, rather than (only) fucking around having fun making people dance.

    The following mix is basically an example of said fucking around, I didn't really plan anything or try to generate any kind of theme. A few transitions are definitely weird - bad, even - that's cause I'm experimenting. I just wanted to give a general impression of my style. All your criticisms please, and huge thanks in advance!


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    I listened to your mix twice while skating to/from BevMo to pick up wine and beer for Thanksgiving. I listened on a single earbud, streaming via my phone and subsonic. Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for the download link and tracklist on soundcloud, but a proper soundcloud embed and tracklist on DJTT = moar playback = moar feedback. A post title something like "new 25 minute dubstep/bass music mix!" and putting the request for feedback in the post would also probably help.

    - I don't much care for this kind of borderline brostep in terms of track selection. But your tracks fit together well and in general made sense. I liked that you had some more mellow tracks between the bangers. I also liked that there were instrumental tracks in between the vocal tracks.

    - There's a lot of breakdowns and builds in this music, and that makes phrasing a lot more important. At least 50% of the phrasings in transition on this mix were awkward. Given that the new track often seemed to come in "too quickly" after the current track, and how many tracks happened in 25 minutes... you might get a win in terms of phrasing and therefore groove by just letting each track play a bit more.

    - Levels were ok, though I'm not sure there was much overlap during transitions. Getting a consistent volume with such weirdly over-compressed brostep bangers is no small task, so good job here.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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