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    Default DIY Parts

    Since the Chroma Knobs aren't supplied with comprehensible mechanical drawings, it's impossible to match these to DIY parts. Which is a shame, because these knobs are still some of the prettiest out there and I am working on a custom DJ controller on which I want to use Chroma caps.

    What's kind of odd is that the specs say it's supposed to fit 6,5 mm D-shaft potentiometers, but 6,5mm is NOT a standard fitting, it's either 6mm or 6,35 mm (1/4"), with 6 mm being A LOT more common. I am now unsure weather Chroma Caps fit on 6mm D-shafts, because it might be too loose.

    Also, measurements of the internal height of the shaft would be very useful. DIY parts come in different heights (most often 15mm and 20mm for knobs and encoders) but matching them right now is kind of impossible since inner height of the Chroma Caps shaft is not given.

    I would love to use the Croma Caps with compatible parts from the Bourns PEC11R Rotary Encoder series, the Bourns PDB18 Rotary Potentiometer series, the Bourns PTA Slide Potentiometer series and the TT Electronics P160 and P110 Rotary Potentiometer series.

    If someone can provide me with accurate mechanical drawings of the different shafts of all the Chroma Caps, I can figure out the compatibility by myself and share it here.

    BONUS: Chroma Caps with knurled shafts would also be interesting since availability of specific parts with flatted/d-shafts can be lackluster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    A lot of questions about what gear Chromacaps will or will not fit on since being released, so if yours fit on gear not listed here ..

    .. then please speak up and post a pic of them on your gear so the list can be updated. Likewise, if you want to know if they will fit on your gear then ask away in this thread.
    Please search through the thread to see if your question has already been answered, to avoid double up queries, thanks.

    Edit: Here is a handy graphic to check your own compatibility.
    It is little bit complicated for me. But helpful thanks sir for such a great content

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    Default Chroma caps for TR-8S?

    Anyone know if the Chroma Caps recommended for the Roland Aira TR-8 will also fit the TR-8S (are the knobs/sliders the same)? Apologies if this was answered, but couldn't find in a search and I'm not confident of my ability to measure in mm.

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