I donít have pics to chronicle my gear escapades save this oneÖ but a brief description:

technics 1200 3D Turntables and a vestax mixer was my first rig and used it for eons.
then stepped up to a pioneer djm-500 then to 600.

about that time I started getting music in digital form and needed to be able to play it, so I purchased cdj-200s or whatever they were. lowest price pioneers at the time, but without a scratch style jog wheel I wasnít happy.

here came traktor. Serato wasnít out at the time, and I introduced a computer into the set up (PC, SONY VIAO) and used timecode and it was getting things done, just with bad sound quality.
so I moved on a used pair of cdj 800s.

two techs, two cdjs, audio 8, and by this time I had purchased a XONE62 mixer for overall sound quality and sound shape. I felt the effects were gimmick-y on the pioneer ATM and loved the xones 4 band eq and build quality.
pretty soon I sold my tech turntables bc I wasnít buying vinyl anymore. it was too expensive.
About this time I decided to really get into digi so I sold everything, and got to my final set up (at least to date)

Kit total (some not shown)

Rane SL 4 (itís in there but canít see it)
Edirol FA-66 (not shown)
Novation SL
pioneer HDJ-2000s (I think the Xone cans are in the pic)
Shure condenser mic
ipad (touchosc) (not shown)
MBP 17 2.66 dualcore 8gRam
MONSTER POWER CENTER w/stage 2 clean power. (have hiss or whine in your monitors? this kills it) (not shown)
Mackie monitors