TSP2 Timecode Vinyl problem + Suggestion for DJTT
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    Default TSP2 Timecode Vinyl problem + Suggestion for DJTT

    Dear sensei at DJTT,

    Timecode Vinyl Problem

    SETUP: A6DJ, TSP2.0.3, duo core, 2gb ram, optimised (no anti-virus, wifi etc. Everything off)


    1. Sometimes, though rare, Traktor and not the timecode will 'skip'. Both decks. At the same time. This is a small nuisance. I do not have this problem when using JUST the VCI-100SE.

    2. A bigger nuisance is this - Lets just say use my hand to speed up or slow down the vinyl, the song will "rush back" to its original position.

    A simple visualisation is best described like this: Imagine the yellow bar on top of the wave form, which tells you if the song is in sync, is telling me I have to slow the track down a bit.

    I touch the platter to slow the track down. The yellow bar recedes closer to the centre. The moment I lift my finger from the platter, the yellow bar extends again to its original position.

    There are two situations where this doesn't happen - If I really slow down the platter, it the bar will gravitate towards the centre and jump 'forward' *just* a little bit, but not at the original position OR if I'm lucky, everything will work like it should.

    Nudging forward is the same. I really have to speed the bugger up. I do not have this type of problems on Serato using the exact same TT. I believe it is a software problem, though I might be wrong.

    TT is in complete working order and there is nothing wrong with the pitch slider.


    My theory for both Problems 1 and 2, is that because my laptop is not very powerful, there might be a significant lag between my TT and the software. I have not tested on a better laptop, because I can't afford one

    I hope someone can give me some feedback on this problem. Thank you in advance.


    Can we have a separate forum just for DJ noobs to ask questions related to Traktor and DJTT products?

    Thank you.
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    1) Is likely a DPC latency spike. Follow the tweak guide in the NI knowledge database
    2) This is how TT's work. The motor strains against the braking force and when the braking force is released it causes the motor to speed up beyond its original speed temporarily. The only difference is you can see what is going on in the display. The absolute position of the needle on the record is reported back to Traktor, so it can't be any other way. There's more on it here:
    ...afaik Serato does not show the phase offset between decks so you would not be able to observe the phenomenen visually in Serato as the waveforms flash past
    3) a noobs forum would just be full of noobs asking questions and nobody answering them
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    download and run that whilst mixing to check for DPC latency problems.

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    Does it do it with sync off? Are your beatgrids set up right? Have you got settings set to beatsync or temposync?
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    MANY THANKS to all the DJTT sensei and sifu.

    1. DPC latency is new to me. Will read up when I get home.

    2. Yes, I am a total vinyl noob.

    Again, many thanks.

    Silencer from Malaysia.

    lethal_pizzle: Thank you for the detailed explanation.

    MaxOne: Everything is in order. Sync NOT on.

    miikkeeyy92: THanks for the link.

    EDIT: This is the page lethal_pizzle is talking about: http://www.native-instruments.com/kn...dio+processing

    EDIT 2: My boss walked in on me browsing non-work related stuff. *face palms* Yes. Palms. two!
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    i have been expieriencing the odd skip with my records aswell, only on 2.1.1 tho, even with perfect carts on a clean record, and i know my problem is 100% unrelated to dpc latency, as the play mode is switched on after this happens, but im positive my records arent skipping, its also very random, maybe once for 2-3 hours of play (but when it happens its bad), i thought it was the implementation of mk2 timecode that causes this issue somehow, NI sais thats not possible tho even tho im sure it is, could be my audio 8

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