DN-MC 6000 with a midi fighter
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    Default DN-MC 6000 with a midi fighter

    hey guys,

    i've had my midi fighter for ages, and it worked really well with my old omni control, but i upgraded to a Denon DN-MC 6000 a few months back, and i can't get the instant gratification mapping to work with tractor 2. when i use the buttons that would normally control the beatmasher on the midi fighter, they control a delay in the same way it would normally control the beatmasher.

    i'm stumped. i would be really grateful of any help.


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    two possibilities I can think of - (1) Re-import your MF mapping using the big import button on the lower left of the preferences; this will sort the order of your effects as it could just be playing the wrong effects. Or (2) make sure the MF ports are set to the MF and not to "all"; do the same with the MC6000. It's possible there is a conflict in the ports in your mappings. Based on what you said I think #1 will get you sorted.
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